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'All the Hungry People' was inspired as a response to the shocking povery I encountered in Africa.

I grew up with the saying "finish your food, think of the hungry children in Africa", but until the deprivation is actually experienced first hand the profundity of the message fails to sink home
. Innumerable sick, hungry people often reliant on foreign aid & begging for survival.

This piece to use the imagery of an abstract open mouth, created using a deep V shaped diamond wheel to grind through the coloured glass layers & into the clear glass.

Once carved & reheated, clear glass was added to the piece is blown to size. The diamond carving creates transparent openings in the vase successfully creating the symbolism A vessel is covered by numerous, faceless mouths into which it is possible to see, but which can never all be satisfied.

At first glance 'graal' glass can appear uncomplicated. But each graal work, with its elaborate decorations can use up to 7 different colours & can take more than 30 hours to complete.

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'All the Hungry People''All the Hungry People''All the Hungry People' - Detail'All the Hungry People' - Detail