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This beautiful award was commissioned by the TSG group as an award for the Golf Club and Hotel Close House.
Weighing in at an impressive 12kg this 48% lead crystal award not only contains casts of golf clubs and balls, but even grass! One additional twist is that the glass is a neodymium glass meaning that it changes colour under different types of light. The images hear illustrate the same award and how the glass changes colour.
This project was project managed by myself and cast by Katya Izabel Filmus. Katya worked on a number of high profile casting projects with the Glass Centre and is one of the UK's leading glass artists and casters.

National Glass Centre
University of Sunderland
Katya Izabel Filmus
Close House Hotel & Golf
Close House Golf Award - BlueClose House Golf Award - LilacClose House Golf Award - Detail of clubs, ball and grass