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4 weeks driving through Russia enabled visits to a number of fascinating places including Samara with it's impressive memorials & Stalin’s Bunker; Kazan with it's UNESCO site, churches & Mosque; beautiful Suzdal, the picturesque epitome of an old religious Russian town with 16 churches; Vladimir with it's gorgeous Cathedral; Moscow in all it's glory with a myriad of major & minor tourist attractions including Red Square, St Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin, Lenin's tomb, etc; Novgorod & finally St Petersburg. A beautiful city founded by Peter the Great & boasting sights such as the Hermitage Art Gallery, which has a collection so large that reputedly if you looked at a work for 1 second 24/7/365 it would take 3 years to see! The Tsar's Summer Palace with its gravity fed fountains is a rare treat.

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Peter and Paul CathedralPeter and Paul Cathedral, St PetersburgImperial Tombs: peter and Paul Cathedral2EDM32012EDM2835_HDRSamara: MemorialSamara: MemorialSamara: MemorialSamara: MemorialEternal Flame, SamaraEternal Flame, SamaraSaint George Cathedral, SamaraSaint George Cathedral, SamaraSamara: Mosaic wallSamara: War Memorial detailVasily Chapayev MemorialVasily Chapayev MemorialKazan: Peter & Paul ChurchKazan: Peter & Paul ChurchKazan: Peter & Paul Church